• New Book, “As I Go,” Available Now.

    New Book, “As I Go,” Available Now.

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  • New Book, “As I Go,” Available Now.
  • New Book, “As I Go,” Available Now.
  • New Book, “As I Go,” Available Now.
  • New Book, “As I Go,” Available Now.

About Don

Don Solin Sitting“As I go”


I often hear “Where has time gone?” or “Man, does time fly.”
No question, time, life fly’s bye at a high rate of speed, so it seems.  I remember when my father woke me up on a Saturday morning, it was about 7 a.m., I was 12 or 13 and my papers to fold and deliver were sitting on the porch.  My alarm didn’t go off and sleep was so so good.  I’ll never forget what he said to me that day.  He said, “Your days of watching cartoons on Saturday are over son, you have a job to do.”   Seems like that was so long ago and yet just yesterday.  Time flies bye indeed.

“As I go” is about life, my life, the lessons in my life, the mess ups, the observations, the ups, the downs, the opportunities missed, the opportunities gained.  As I go is about my relationship with the living God through faith in His Son Jesus the Christ.  As I go is just that… that this life with Christ is more than a short run, more than a Sunday morning experience, more than a Bible Study, its well, it’s As I go.  As I live the life He has granted me.  As I meet people, as I stumble, as I fall and get back up.

Jesus said to His disciples to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”  The word “Go” is significant in that “Go” could be better understood that “As you Go” or as you live life, preach the gospel to all.  Therefore I have chosen to make “As I go” about living my life, living out, telling, sharing the Gospel to all.

As I go is not unlike anybody else’s relationship with Christ.  Everyday has meaning, every minute has purpose and life, As I go is how, is what I, you do… we live this life and As we go life is rich, life is grand, life has meaning.

I hope you will visit my website often for As I go may just give you a renewed sense in living this incredible life with much purpose and a renewed satisfaction.


Psalm 40

“There is meaning in every journey that is unknown to the traveler.”
~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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