What in the world is goin on?

What in the world is goin on?


The Corona Virus is real. It is here.

We know, we can see, we feel what it means to quarantine. We know the damage this virus in inflicting. Schools, businesses, factories, churches, restaurants, many of the places we would daily venture, our closed.

The news cycle is inundated with hour by hour coverage. Daily press briefings by the President, our Governors continue like clockwork. New details, new vulnerabilities, new spread, new details continue to fly. Mask or no mask, are certain ages not susceptible? What are the symptoms?

Oh, the virus is real. It’s here.

I’ve been thinking like most people, a lot about this virus. The affliction it has placed over our world. There are a few words that continue to come to my mind during these times. These words are some of my core values. We all have them. What makes us tick, what drives us, what are the things that matter.

It really is, that times like these—Crisis, cause us to drill down into our core, our beliefs, the things that we hold dear to us.

Family? Faith? Friends? Who wins the tournament? Who is a great band? Singer? What does so and so say about what is happening? What do the Hollywood stars say? Money? Motorcycles? Do you see it? What is really important through this time is where we will either chose to go to or when we are forced (like right now) What really matters will somehow come out.

One of these core values that has stood out for me is TRUST. Who, what do I trust in to get through this weird, whacky, crazy time? I’m no different or better than anyone else. I do trust or doctor’s, our leaders to do what is needed to get this solved. But for me there is more to this then the norm.

These words keep coming up in my mind and heart.

“In repentance and rest is your salvation,
in quietness and trust is your strength”   Isaiah 33.15

It wasn’t so long ago when I faced a life kind of crisis. “What would I do? Where should I go, who has my back? A difficult season. But it was in this season that I began to discover my relationship with God through faith in Christ Jesus as much more valuable then words and deeds. It was time to TRUST God with life, my life, the world around me, the total universe. And it was after this time that these words became a high value.

This is the time to be quiet, to find a quiet place and put your Trust in God, for there is where we find strength. This may very well be a time for you to Trust in God, to develop such a trust in God—as you take the time to read His word, to pray, to hear His Spirit speak into your soul.

Psalm 9.10
“And those who know your name put their trust in you,
for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.”

I contend that is through these tough days that we develop a deepening relationship with our God as we learn to TRUST Him. My hope is that this little blog will inspire you to find a quiet place to listen to His Spirit, to open His word for guidance, to pray with expectation, to live life as you trust God for everything.


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