Turn the page

Turn the page

…and so another chapter in my life comes to a close. Marcie and I moved back to Dayton Ohio in the fall of 2009 with high anticipation. The Solin family had lived in Dayton from 1992 to 2001 raising our 2 boys Alex and Cooper in a great house on Hazelwood. In 2001 we moved to Liberty Township living in a house that Marcie made a great home. The teen years in Liberty Township, a whole bunch of hockey, new friends, and new experiences. A church plant, a stint in sales, a fun neighborhood then in 09 back to Dayton.

It is weird leaving a house that becomes a home. Sorting and packing and sorting and packing has all sorts of emotions with it. Boxes of stuff that has been around since the beginning of life together. Boxes of the boy’s stuff that accumulates, of course all my Chicago Sports memorabilia has to get taken off the walls and back into a boxes. Nevertheless, moving has some sadness to it, some fun and some fond memory time.  I finally got my lawn looking good.  We finally got some of work done, we finally…

I wasn’t mentally prepared for this move, this time. I had thought Marcie and I would build our empty nest here. We had talked about “right sizing” but I didn’t know that it would be tomorrow. It is really interesting to know in part that “stuff” “things” are only temporal, but when it comes to where we live, the stuff that has memories, the stuff of value, saying goodbye is more difficult than what I think we all talk about.

A house for example becomes a home. Daily lived in, where LIFE takes place. Where most of the ups and downs, the good the bad, the fun the sadness takes place. This house represents much of the “final chapter” kinds of things that happen during life. Our sons moved out. Our family pets both Harley Sioux and Ranger that cat lives with us ended here. A home—the largest investment at least for us, and even worth more because of the time spent within its walls. All the fixing up, the money spent in upgrades and making it a home… then one day… Done and time to start all over again.

So, another chapter in my life, in Marcie’s life in our son’s lives comes to a close in less than a month.
I have no idea the where or what is ahead. But this I do know. Marcie and I said “for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health…” and so we move forward understanding a little more today that “things” are temporal even if they have much meaning and significance.

Someday I hope to have a little more understanding in the past that has led up to all of this, but for now I am learning to just put one foot in front of another, care and love deeply Marcie and my sons, to continue to work on all of my shortcomings, to look forward with anticipation. Deep down I do believe that God has a plan even though I am running lean in my faith. Closing this chapter has not been an easy thing, but it is time to turn the page.