Dear Dad

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

Well, it’s been well over 19 years since you left this earth.  I sure do miss you.   I miss our conversations, your smile, your laugh, and most of all your unconditional love for me.  I miss watching Cubs games together, discussing Da Bears, talking hockey and just plain hanging together.   I miss the times in our lives when we would talk about spiritual things, politics and the like.  Man, I miss our friendship.

Dad, thank you for being a sober man.  Thank you for being a calming influence to me.  I often remember lately (it seems)  two phrases you often told me—“Calm down” and “be patient.”  Well, dad being patient has not be easy to do, still working at it, and calming down has had its many ups and downs.  You read me right that’s for sure, and for that I am grateful.

I was thinking about you lately dad, because father’s day is in a few days.  I was thinking about how only God could have put me with you and how our relationship grew because you never gave up on me.  Oh I know full well now how you must have felt at times when I failed at doing right, telling the truth, losing my temper, being disrespectful, doing things that hurt me, my utter selfishness, living the lie and so on.  I get it now.

Dad, you are always on my mind and my heart is always grateful for you.  I miss you dad, and I am looking forward to reuniting with you in heaven.  You know dad, you are the man, the father I hope to someday to become.


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